Andaman Power and Utility (APU)

is a Myanmar Independent Power Producer, utilizing natural resources from the Gulf fo Mataban, with full support from the people of the Republic of Union of Myanmar. APU will be the most trustworthy and dependable source of electrical power for the people of Dawei and surrounding areas. We will provide an unparrallelled services to the Dawei community without damaging local way of life and environment.


Our company is very agile and easily adaptable to any changes in the environment and demand of our clients. In the new age of rapid information, we will strive to be the most up to date for production technology, human resources development and environment issues.


Our reputation for providing premium service has enabled us to gain complete trust from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. This means holding the highest standards of ethical business culture and total commitment to corporate social responsibility.


We strive to be the ultimate Power and Utility supplier to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, through our dedication to improving the quality of life for the people. We tirelessly persevere to improve performance through innovative methods.

Our Projects

Project Highlight



  • APU will implement 20 MW Gas Engine to supply electricity in Tanintharyi region.
  • APU signed a Gas Engine Project with Tanintharyi Regional Government (backed by MOEP), to supply electricity to Dawei city. This can rapidly help mitigating electricity problem in Dawei.
  • Gas Engine is a 1.1 MW each, 50 Hz application. Its efficiency has been approx. 38%.
  • It is scheduled to COD in May 2015, and operate for 2 years